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Vho Issue 12


2021 is upon us and let us all hope and plan for a much better year than we had in 2020. To help you on the path of planning for it our latest issue of Vho! includes a lot more from SmartStarters.

Vho Issue 11

Since our last issue so much has happened and yet so little has as well. We’ve been in lockdown for weeks, including our last issue which was not able to leave the printers. Hopefully you should all have it by now with this issue following close behind.

Vho Issue 10

Can you believe it’s Autumn already? For some it may feel like the year has only just begun, whilst for others it’s already going by way too fast. No matter how you feel we hope that 2020 is a good one for you and that many of your dreams and the goals that you have set for yourself really do come true this year.

Vho Issue 9

What a year we’ve had and to celebrate we have an issue that’s all about you and how sizzling hot SmartStarters have been this year. Holidays, end of year celebrations, new year goals and exciting plans makes this a busy time of year.

Vho Issue 8

Don’t you love the fresh sparkle that comes with the first spring rains? Then overnight little shoots appear, the grass turns green, the trees have fresh new leaves and the spring flowers add their own brightness and beauty.

Welcome to our winter wonder issue. The nights are now colder and the sun seems to whizz by. Some of us love this time of year when we can wrap up warm and stay inside a little longer, whilst others of us long for the warmth of spring and wish it would end.

Wow, the new year is here and what a year it’s going to be. We hope you are ready to make many of your dreams come true. This is our first issue of 2019 and it’s a bumper one packed with pretty much everything we could think of that you would like. We have stories and advice for parents to help you raise awesome children, great tips and information for our incredible SmartStarters, and lots of fun activities for you and for you to do with your children.

Yay, it’s summer! And to get you in the spirit, this issue is packed with stories that should put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. There are fun things for you to do and make – recipes for the festive season, decorations for end of year celebrations and even a page of puzzles to challenge your brain. There are also handy tips to help you relax!

Spring is such a warm welcome after a cold long winter. With it comes renewed energy and a desire to get back on track to achieve some of those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

There is something magical about a new year. It brings renewed hope, big dreams and much needed energy and inspiration to go after those dreams. So, we hope that the holidays have been good to you, that your plans are in place and that you are ready to have a superb year.

Winter is a time when we like to gather around fires to keep warm and of course stay indoors. It is a time to slow down, to reflect but also to plan. It’s a chance to talk, to share and for the passion in each of us to be sparked and ignited. What is it that you plan to do or want to do? Take this time to think, plan and ignite your own fire as well as the fires within others.

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